Gorgeous Girls, Keep looking forward

Mossman, Qld – a rap about how to keep strong through family, culture, and country.

Strong Bala

Katherine, NT – a morale building rap for men, emphasising the importance of men getting together to support one another, even in difficult times.

LOVE by Makuwa Girls, Doomadgee Queensland

A rap about the importance of love, culture and music for keeping strong.

Keeping Strong

(“I talk” library) A family talks about the importance of the family in supporting one another and what to do if you or someone you know is not coping.

Stories for Keeping Strong - Bangarra Rekindling

A short film featuring young people who are exploring how dance and connection to culture is helping them to become healthy and strong.

What is Grieving Like

What is grieving like for Canadian Aboriginal people? A First Nations person from Canada talks about the process of grieving.

The Grieving process

From a USA perspective – an animation describes the various ways that people respond to grief.

What is depression

An animated story about coping with feelings of depression and sadness and how to overcome this.