Music, song and dance

Music, song and dance

Music, singing and dance have always been an important part of Aboriginal people’s lives. Music can be uplifting and joyous.

Archie Roach having faced immeasurable sadness and pain said that music and singing has helped him find strength in overcoming difficulties. He said regarding his latest album, Into the Bloodstream:

‘It’s uplifting, it’s joyous. And I think doing it and writing the songs and actually the process of recording the album I could feel myself getting better. And so it’s a healing album.’ – ABC TV Compass

‘(It helped me) in letting go of the pain and the bad stuff and holding onto something good and strong.’ – Archie Roach website

Watch his video clip for ‘Song to sing’ here.


Music heals and gives power and strength

The communities of Galiwin’ku and Milingimbi have released a video telling the story of how music, dancing and singing (whether traditional or contemporary) can improve your mental health.

When we dance and sing, we hear it and it goes into our soul. It goes inside us and gives us power… it helps our spirit and relieves us from sickness and helps our children …and make us strong.

Watch the video clip for ‘Life giving music and dance’ here.

Ba-Boom! Adventures in Sound

Ba-Boom! are Shon & Svet: Specialist Teachers, acclaimed Musicians, Composers and Creative Co-Directors of an independent Rhythm Education unit that travels extensively across outback and remote Australia to provide unique services and opportunities to Indigenous youth.

Through the exciting medium of Ensemble Drumming, Ba-Boom! are empowering Indigenous youth by developing their latent skills in music and taking them on a Journey into Rhythm.

Learn more about Ba-Boom! here.

Baboom (Final A4)

Singing improves wellbeing and happiness

Singing has both physical and psychological benefits. It releases ‘feel good’ hormones and lowers blood pressure.


Aboriginal choirs in SA

The Gully Winds Aboriginal Elders Choir at Tea Tree Gully.

People are welcome to join but transport to choir is only provided to people living in the Tea Tree Gully area.Gully Winds Aboriginal Elders Choir

For more information contact Anita Greening via


Phone: 08 8397 7215

You can also click here to view pictures of the Gully Winds Aboriginal Elders Choir on the Tea Tree Gully Facebook page.

The Ngarrindjeri Miminar Kykulan Singing Group is organised by Eunice Aston and Aunty Sandy Wilson.

Aunty Sandy explained;

‘We’ve been together since 2009. We originally started out as a group of women looking for activities to do as a group after work… Together as a group, we’ve got something we can share. We sing about country, about home, about the land, about the lakes and the river.’

Anyone interested in joining the group is welcome to contact Eunice Aston at

Adnyamathanha Women’s Choir

Click here to read about the Adnyamathanha Women’s Choir from their website.

‘We are an Indigenous Women’s choir comprising twenty members. Our ages range from early thirties to mid seventies… Our main focus is to preserve, restore and maintain our Language and culture in today’s society to the best of our ability. We also aim to recruit additional members, to ensure continuity and maintain community interest in our choir.’

Shed Music brings salvation

‘Every second Sunday six men disappear into a cavernous shed in Ararat and start building something special. No hammers or drills here, these guys share a yarn, a feed and then plug in their instruments and rock out. They call it shed therapy.’ – Marc Eiden, Open Producer, ABC Ballarat VIC

Learn more about The Shed Dwellers here.


Research shows that singing contributes to improvements in health, particularly mental health


  1. It has physical and psychological benefits
  2. It releases feel-good hormones (i.e. endorphins and oxytocin)
  3. It boosts immunity by promoting a healthy lymphatic system
  4. It lowers blood pressure
  5. It improves breathing (improved blood circulation & oxygen flow)
  6. It improves overall health and wellbeing (fewer doctor’s visits)
  7. Lowers anxiety and stress (due to release of oxytocin)
  8. Promotes social bonding (through choral singing)
  9. Improves happiness
  10. Improves cognition
  11. Leads to longer life


References for this information can be found from Infographic: Benefits of Singing, by Katarina H. Click here to view.