Planning needs

Planning ahead

End of life planning is a difficult and sensitive topic to talk about. Planning ahead is good because it can give you choice and control about your end of life journey while you are still able to make important decisions about your life, property and health. You can ask an Aboriginal Health Worker to help you with planning ahead. There are a lot of great resources which help to explain why planning ahead is important and how to make the best plans for you.

Start2Talk SA website provides advice on planning for such issues as:

  • Making a Will.
  • Reviewing your financial resources and plans.
  • Organising your finances so another person can help with their management.
  • Appointing someone to manage your finances on your behalf.
  • Health and care decisions when you are no longer able to make them for yourself.

Making a Will

Making a Will is one of the things you can do to plan ahead. Wills determine who you want to get your property and possessions when you die, and can make things a lot easier for your family and loved ones after your passing. The Legal Services Commission of SA Wills Resource has some useful information about wills. You can contact the Legal Helpline for further information and advice on making or problems with a Will at: 1300 366 424

The Legal Services Commission Wills brochure

You can purchase a Will Kit online or from your local Newsagent or Post Office and complete a will by yourself. It is often advisable that your will be checked by a legal professional to make sure that it is a correct and valid legal Will.

Sometimes organisations like the Salvation Army facilitate Will assistance days at low cost to people who would like help to make a Will. It is best to contact these organisations directly to find out when Will assistance days will be held, what the conditions are and to make an appointment.

The Salvation Army Community Will Assistance

Ph: 1800 337 082

Click here to view the upcoming Wills Days at the Salvation Army.


Advance Care Directives

An Advance Care Directive is a plan you can put in place if there comes a time when you are no longer able to make a decision about your health care, living arrangements and other personal matters. An Advance Care Directive gives you peace of mind and makes it easy for others to know what your wishes are and to make choices on your behalf that support and respect your wishes. An Advance Care Directive Kit is free of charge when accessed online.

Advance Care Yarning

SA Government Advance Care Directives website

Advance Care Directive brochure