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Funerals are often stressful during times of grief for a number of reasons. They can be expensive and put a strain on families. Some people find that planning ahead can help to take away some of the stress when the time for a funeral comes. Funeral insurance is one way of planning ahead. It is important to make sure you read and understand conditions of a funeral insurance plan before committing to making payments. The MoneySmart Paying for Funerals Guide has some useful tips for how to plan and pay for funerals.

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Finding a Funeral Director

It is important when planning a funeral to find a funeral director that you feel is understanding and trustworthy. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a funeral director. Follow the link below to search for a funeral director in your area.

Find a funeral director in your area.

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Government Funeral Assistance Program

The Government of South Australia offers some basic assistance to people who receive a pension, benefit or are considered to be low income earners. The Funeral Assistance program makes payments to a designated funeral director to help with covering the basic costs of a funeral. For more information, contact the Funeral Assistance Program team on 1300 762 577 , visit Funeral Assistance SA or download the Funeral Assistance Program Brochure.

Other funeral assistance programs

Aboriginal Centre for Information & Arts – South Australia Inc. (A.C.F.I.A)

Travel Assistance to Nunga Funerals Fund

Aboriginal Wyatt Holidays are often used by people to attend funerals that are a long distance away.


Your rights:

Be aware of your rights as a consumer when buying funeral insurance: Be Smart – Buy Smart

You have the right to make a complaint if something goes wrong with a service or product you have paid for. Information on making a complaint can be found on the MoneySmart Website.